The improve


to change.

To be perfect


to change often.

- Winston Churchill


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Mithu  is an internationally famous book writer, journalist, columnist, feature writer, critic, poet, limerick writer, lyricist, drama, feature film, short  film, event, audio album, video album, ad script writer, story, dialogue, status, jokes, thoughts, quotes, slogans,  ad jingles, blogs, articles, news paper ad, news paper cartoon, video and web content, social media posts, one liners, tagline writer with Indian legacy. She has availed multiple world records to decorate the Crown of Mother India with the help of her superlative writing skill. She is an editor, a singer, a  voice – over artist, a painter and a touch therapist, a motivator also. She writes in three languages – Bengali English and Hindi
She has contributed in various journals, magazines, web journals and web magazines, websites, publications, production houses, ad agencies, event management companies, digital marketing companies of different places of India and outside of India as a writer already. Presently she is busy with her two websites – and and two YouTube channels – Mithu’s eyeland and Mithu’s creaocean also.


Creations of MITHU

Creations of 👑Ŵя.⭐♏⭐i⭐t⭐h⭐u   THE HEROISM Scene (1) Loc – A jungle/extor./morning. Artists – A monk and his students. Costume – Ancient dresses for the monk and his […]

Thoughts of MITHU

Thoughts of 👑Ŵя.⭐♏⭐i⭐t⭐h⭐u⭐ 861) I am Unstoppable, Unbreakable, But not unshakable you see. 860) तिरंगे को उड़ने दो, खुशी के आंसू को बहने दो! 859)  মৃত্যুকে নয়, আলিঙ্গন করো জীবনকে! না […]